5D Totalmotion Platform Will Revolutionize VR Games

Futuretown, a pioneer in virtual reality entertainment, in alliance with InJoy Motion Corp., Formosoft, MitFun, Redstorm, and Woojer announced today the unveiling of its 5D Totalmotion platform and 4 supporting games.

They describe Totalmotion as a platform that integrates “high fidelity visuals, motion simulation hardware, and new virtual reality input devices that take cues from your body to control the game.”


Totalmotion - sensation simulation hardware

Totalmotion was designed to give game players better immersion into the games, adding a heightened sense of realism to the virtual reality experience.  It interfaces with the most popular virtual reality systems including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and 3Glasses.

Peter Chou, Honorary Chairman of Futuretown, excitedly expressed:

“With the 5D Totalmotion platform, we have realized our vision of taking virtual reality entertainment to the next level. The future of virtual reality gaming is here with endless possibilities. Virtual reality is going to be one of the biggest technological advances that has the power to really change people’s lives. Futuretown and its partners have devoted themselves to developing the most compelling and immersive VR experiences.”

Available games to play in Totalmotion include Whiteout: Ski VR, Infinity Rider: Motorcycle VR, Wave Breaker: Surf VR, and Stallion Adventures: Horse Riding VR.

Virtual Reality Games for the 5D Totalmotion Platform

Whiteout: Ski VR

The most authentic virtual reality skiing experience available.  Fly down alpine slopes, weave through snow-covered trees, and hit big air as you make your way to the finish line.  The skiing gameplay and slopes have been designed and built from the ground up specifically for VR and the 5D Totalmotion platform.  Steer with your body and feel the bumps and dips of the terrain beneath your feet.  This is as close as you’ll get to the real thing without jumping onto the next ski lift!

Infinity Rider: Motorcycle VR

Feel the rush of cruising down narrow mountain passes as you play Infinity Rider: Motorcycle VR, was designed exclusively for the Futuretown 5D Totalmotion platform by MitFun.  You won’t find a more authentic feeling motorcycle riding experience.  Feel the motion while hugging turns and speeding through gorgeous carefully hand-crafted landscapes.  Prepare yourself for the ride of your life.

Wave Breaker: Surf VR

Discover the thrill of surfing the world’s biggest waves in Wave Breaker: Surf VR, the world’s most realistic feeling virtual reality river surfing game developed by Formosoft.  Ride your board through narrow rapids, over the open ocean, and up epic waves.  With gameplay designed exclusively for VR and 5D Totalmotion, be ready to experience the sensation and excitement as if you were there.  Surf’s up!

Stallion Adventures: Horse Riding VR

Explore the incredible sights and sounds of a safari oasis while riding your majestic steed in Stallion Adventures: Horse Riding VR. Galloping through the wilds of Africa will feel like riding a real horse with the 5D Totalmotion platform. Cross paths with elephants, giraffes, cheetahs, and other wild animals as they’re brought to life in this enchanting virtual reality world. Take the trip of a lifetime and create your own safari legacy!

Author: Becky DeForest

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